Surprise Date Night

I came home from a frantic afternoon of errand running yesterday to my husband but no son. “What’s wrong? Why do you have your coat on?  Can you please grab this milk and toilet paper and 10 new pairs of sweatpants for our ever-growing monster child?  Where is PK anyway?” “We’re going on a date.” “Did YOU cancel my haircut?!”        <—– this … Continue reading Surprise Date Night

I’m the worst blogger on Earth.

I should blog. I should blog. I should blog but I always forget.  Or watch Netflix.  Or fall asleep.  Or eat discounted Valentine’s candy and get lost on Etsy. It’s been months since I’ve written here.  I think that although blogging is in many ways just writing, and generally derived from spontaneous ideas, it has to be planned for me to actually do it.  So … Continue reading I’m the worst blogger on Earth.