I’m the worst blogger on Earth.

I should blog. I should blog. I should blog but I always forget.  Or watch Netflix.  Or fall asleep.  Or eat discounted Valentine’s candy and get lost on Etsy. It’s been months since I’ve written here.  I think that although blogging is in many ways just writing, and generally derived from spontaneous ideas, it has to be planned for me to actually do it.  So … Continue reading I’m the worst blogger on Earth.

Liebster Award? I’ll take it!

Earlier today I remembered to finally drop a little post via iPhone, while simultaneously and furiously jiggling the cage-like apparatus filled with rattles over Parker’s head.  Relax, you uppity moms who think I don’t interact with my child.  I had just logged 20 minute lying underneath said cage, staring at our reflections in the mirror and talking about our adventure to TJ Maxx to buy PJs.  We’re busting … Continue reading Liebster Award? I’ll take it!

Blogging for Reals

I’ve shared this blog with exactly one person.  She encouraged me to actually share this with friends and family as I had originally intended.  I’m proud of myself for writing six (now seven) posts, but until now, I have been too embarrassed to actually share it.  For one thing, I felt like blogging was so self-centered by nature, that others might not enjoy reading it.  The … Continue reading Blogging for Reals