Pre-K is the New College

With Parker turning three in just over a month, we’ve begun the next journey of our life: preschool. Currently, he attends an in-home daycare, and while she is nurturing and wonderful, it’s not really preschool.  We toyed with the idea of keeping him in daycare for another year and doing Pre-K at age four, but ultimately decided that he needs more structure as he gets older. … Continue reading Pre-K is the New College

The Mommy Crash Course | Year 2

I was mindlessly checking Facebook today and came across this headline: Sibling Study Finds No Long-Term Breastfeeding Benefits For Kids.   It came up on NPR’s news feed, so I’ll take it as more legit than most of the junk that I usually see.  I thought, wow! Where was this article 22 months ago when I felt like a failure? And then I was like, WHY … Continue reading The Mommy Crash Course | Year 2

Today I Will Blog. Tomorrow I Will Shower.

If I have learned anything since my last post… IN FEBRUARY… it is that although I may have the best intentions of accomplishing things (i.e. cooking dinner three nights in a row, blogging once a week, brushing my teeth) the other 40 thousand tasks I have to do on a given day will always get in the way. And so I will try, again, to … Continue reading Today I Will Blog. Tomorrow I Will Shower.

Baby = Money Pit

Today we met with a financial advisor as well as our daycare provider.  Both of these people will be devouring what little money is left in my bank account after health insurance, taxes and endless boxes of diapers and wipes.  My husband and I know that our tiny life insurance policies provided by our employers are unrealistic, and that’s where the financial advisor comes in.  … Continue reading Baby = Money Pit