Bad Mommy

I recently came to the conclusion that I although I carried and birthed a real, live human being, I am apparently not an actual, female woman. Why, you ask?  Because I chose to give….gasp… formula to my son. There is no question that causes to me cringe more than, “Are you breastfeeding?”  There are many reasons why it makes me first uncomfortable and then angry.  First, it always … Continue reading Bad Mommy

Wrapped Up

I never thought I was trendy enough to pull off a baby carrier wrap.  I always envision naturally blonde, bohemian-chic women traipsing through New York City while wearing their organic-cotton-swathed infants in slings.  They somehow have enough money to drink Starbucks every day, as well as pay rent that is quadruple our mortgage for a quarter of the space.  Well the day has come.  I am either … Continue reading Wrapped Up