Two Weeks Later: My Life With Kid #2

Two weeks ago I had a baby and now we’re a family of four. Yikes! Continue reading Two Weeks Later: My Life With Kid #2


A Visitor-Free Weekend

For the past ten weeks, we have had a steady stream of visitors.  If someone isn’t visiting us, we are packing up the diaper bag and hauling ourselves to another house.  I long for the weekend that is just for the three of us. When I reflect on that first weekend after Parker was born, I realize I may not have fully recovered from it, and maybe I have a … Continue reading A Visitor-Free Weekend

Mirror, Mirror

Here in Connecticut, a group of women recently caught national attention for bearing their postpartum bellies in a photo shoot.  The seven women, who blog for CT Working Moms, rocked it out in black yoga pants and sports bras.  They even wound up on the Today Show, where I’m sure the segment ran out of time, but the Today Show nonetheless!  The women took the photos in response … Continue reading Mirror, Mirror