It’s A New Year

The new year has begun.  Although, to be fair, because I am a teacher, January does NOT feel like a new year at all.  In fact, it’s smack in the middle of my year.  We’ve had a few snow days recently and so we’re perpetually like 4 days away from midterm exams. I recently embarked on another photography challenge.  I’ve done this twice now.  I’ve also … Continue reading It’s A New Year

The Facebook Dilemma

Okay, let’s be honest. If you have these photos, you’re not going to not put them on Facebook.  Right? This is a quetion I ask myself a few times a week. Technology, and more specifically social media, allows me to broadcast the ever changing looks and personality of my son to the world in real time.  I can snap a shot with my phone, post it on Instagram – with a hip filter, … Continue reading The Facebook Dilemma