It’s A New Year

The new year has begun.  Although, to be fair, because I am a teacher, January does NOT feel like a new year at all.  In fact, it’s smack in the middle of my year.  We’ve had a few snow days recently and so we’re perpetually like 4 days away from midterm exams. I recently embarked on another photography challenge.  I’ve done this twice now.  I’ve also … Continue reading It’s A New Year

Pre-K is the New College

With Parker turning three in just over a month, we’ve begun the next journey of our life: preschool. Currently, he attends an in-home daycare, and while she is nurturing and wonderful, it’s not really preschool.  We toyed with the idea of keeping him in daycare for another year and doing Pre-K at age four, but ultimately decided that he needs more structure as he gets older. … Continue reading Pre-K is the New College

Surprise Date Night

I came home from a frantic afternoon of errand running yesterday to my husband but no son. “What’s wrong? Why do you have your coat on?  Can you please grab this milk and toilet paper and 10 new pairs of sweatpants for our ever-growing monster child?  Where is PK anyway?” “We’re going on a date.” “Did YOU cancel my haircut?!”        <—– this … Continue reading Surprise Date Night