About This Blog

The Crash Course is an exploration into what it means for a very independent, and oftentimes always sarcastic, 30-something woman to grapple with the demands of being the mother of two small humans.

I have two sons, ages 5 and 2.  My husband and I are raising these two miniature maniacs in Connecticut, where among other things I am also a high school English teacher.  The Crash Course deals with the many challenges I face in this particular brand of motherhood. Some of these are results of choices I’ve made, some are out of my control, but all are things that likely drive me bananas at one point or another, while also helping to define who I am as a mom.

My hope is that this blog speaks some truth that perhaps other women feel, or have felt at one point or another.  I am as guilty as the rest of the world of mostly posting favorable photos of my family on Facebook and Instagram, but I am also 100% sure that nobody loves parenthood every moment of every day.  If you do love your child’s screaming fits, or endless loads of laundry then rock on, sister!  You’re a rockstar for being able to get past these things in a much different way that I can.  This blog serves as my outlet for those frustrations.

Don’t be fooled. We do some awesome things here too. Mostly they are in the form of imaginary ninja battles at the moment.

Thanks for reading.  Enjoy 🙂






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