My [Photography] Style

Week 3|52 : My Style

3|52 : My Style

My photography style is generally symmetrical and pretty firmly adheres to the rule of thirds.  I LOVE taking portraits of my kids.  There are a few go-to ways I like to frame up the shots.  I think this is less that I am a creature of habit and more that I always need to get them in order and then jump back to get them in the frame.  I like to shoot either a tight framed portrait, or a longer shot with lots of negative space around my subjects.  I have soooooo many shots of my kids from far off, many of them walking away from me, with lots of wide open spaces around them.  I love the way it makes their adventures look so grand, even if we’re just walking down the street. Also I’m a huge fan of brick walls, fences, barns and sheds — really anything that presents a nice backdrop to a portrait and adds some depth to the field I’m shooting.

I’m currently shooting with a Canon Rebel T2i.  I usually use a 50MM f.1.8 lens.  If you know a little about cameras, you’ll notice I’m using a wide-angle lens on a cropped frame camera, so that 50mm lens would give me a much wider shot if were I to use a full frame camera.  One of my goals is to purchase a bigger camera to better fit my needs.  I really love portraiture, but in order to get that nice depth of field, I have to walk so freaking far away from my subjects!  I’m hoping by summer time I can get a new camera and have some fun!

3|52 : My Style


[Side bar: If you’re willing to, I urge you to learn how to get your camera off of Automatic mode.  It will change your life!]

In terms of editing, I use Adobe Lightroom because I don’t need all of the bells and whistles that Photoshop offers (and I have Photoshop Elements if I really need to clone or do some more in-depth editing).  Lightroom is great because I can batch edit – edit groups of photos at the same time.  I’ve gotten my actual photography skills to a good place where I’m really just tweaking a few things here and there, and usually adding a matte looking finish. I love a clean black and white as well.

So here’s my style.  In my house you’ll see about a million photos that looks like these, but kids and seasons are always changing, so they complement each other nicely.


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