2017 Comin’ At Ya

I’m going to do a 52 week photo challenge for 2017.

I’m going to do it.

I.  Am.  Go. Ing. To. Do. It.

I’m gonna do it and I’m blog it and I’m gonna share it.

And I am going to hope that it drives me to get at least 52 posts up here this year.

I have blogged here on and off for the past few years.  I have also done a year-long weekly photo challenge before, but never have I really published that much further than my personal Facebook page and emailing my dad, who is also an avid photographer.

This week’s theme (as assigned here ) is “Documentary.” The idea is to document daily life.  Weekend mornings generally begin pretty quietly here. The kids generally hang out in the kitchen and adjoining play room grazing on breakfast.  They build Legos, color and Netflix while I try my hardest to drink two hot cups of coffee in a row.

1|52 : Documentary

My house is not tidy.  No matter how freaking hard I try, it is never fully cleaned up.  I have tried to make the kitchen counter and kitchen table a clutter free zone since the day my husband and I got our first apartment like a dozen years ago.  He was my boyfriend then, and we didn’t even have a dog, and still things just ooze their way up onto the kitchen table. And now to my dismay, papers, envelopes, ceiling fan instruction booklets, toy dinosaurs, velcro sneakers, lonely single socks, dried out highlighters, empty water bottles and ten thousand other things inevitably end up in there, in the place where I am always fairly certain I said yelled, “I need everyone to stop putting things here!”  And when I arrive home just in time to start dinner, I simply begin shuffling piles – moving and prioritizing things into new piles as I go.  Occasionally I am able to get the house completely organized.  In this scenario, either (A) I am jolted awake at 4:45 AM by a four year old nose-to-nose with me asking why he can’t have goldfish yet (because, alas, I’d been asleep and dreaming all along), or (B) my husband walks through the door with the kids he’s taken out of the house for the day, and they immediately get to work defiling all of my hard work.

This photo is not perfect.  Today it’s snowing, and I had forgotten to open up the blinds behind me in order to let in some more light.  My kids need haircuts. But it’s an accurate documentation of my daily life for sure.

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