I’m the worst blogger on Earth.

I should blog.

I should blog.

I should blog but I always forget.  Or watch Netflix.  Or fall asleep.  Or eat discounted Valentine’s candy and get lost on Etsy.

It’s been months since I’ve written here.  I think that although blogging is in many ways just writing, and generally derived from spontaneous ideas, it has to be planned for me to actually do it.  So I’m going to try some sort of blog planning situation in order to get my thoughts out there. Maybe I’ll get suggestions from friends and followers too.  I think that it’s beneficial for me to write, especially about motherhood, because it is something that I have about 40 gazillion feelings about on a daily basis, and when I write them down I get a sense of satisfaction that my voice has been heard, and that other people also feel like I do too sometimes.

I’m pretty sure that this rekindled desire to write more often also comes from my current shrinking patience with my toddler.  And the fact that I’m pregnant and having another baby in May.  These things make me feel like a crazy person sometimes, and venting in a healthy way — you know, like via the internet, which is always healthy and normal — could potentially help me to keep a tiny shred of my sanity in the coming months.

So I will try this again.

See you soon!

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