Yes, they grow fast. No, it’s not sad.

They grow up too fast!

The number of times I hear this from other moms (including moms who also have toddlers) is nauseating.  It is also a real crush to my Mommy Ego because I am essentially told on a regular basis that I’m supposed to not enjoy watching my son grow up.  The message that I get as a mother is that I am supposed to want to cuddle an infant for eternity, and I am supposed to be sad when my son begins to act like a real human being with a real personality – who can also eat real, adult food.

The truth is that although sometimes I have a tiny twinge of desire to have another baby, I really do love watching my son change every day.  The way his mind expands each week is remarkable.  Just this week he really started diving into imaginary play.  We catch imaginary baseballs, eat imaginary ice cream and pour imaginary milk into Lego towers.  It’s hilarious and warms my heart to see him just making stuff up on the fly.

I don’t know if it’s just that other moms also feel like they’re supposed to be sad that their kids are growing up, and that’s why they repeat the mantra that they grow up too fast.  Maybe nobody told them it’s okay to  just have your own feelings.  As I’ve said before, it’s also okay to admit that babies are a little bit terrible, and sometimes you just wish you were in college again.

I think the most frequent offenders are the grandmothers.  They have forgotten how hard it was to have babies.  Maybe they think that our technological advances and disposable diapers have made motherhood a solely joyous activity, but in fact, we 2K moms just have it different.  But when those grandmothers remind me that I should be sad that my son has gained his independence and wants to make his own choices, it makes me feel unsupported by women who are supposed to be in my corner.

This week I am on my April Break from school, and kept PK home all week.  Day one was great and included trips to not one but TWO local parks!  We frequent the local river trail a lot.  I try to take his photo there every once in a while, because although we live in a suburban Connecticut city, we have a nice number of parks and walkways in the woods.  I love to compare how much he changes each time.  I am sure that as he gets much older, I will miss what an adorable little man he was, but for right now, please stop insisting that should feel sad.  Let me enjoy this age [or sometimes not enjoy it – I’m looking at you, Terrible Twos] and just tell me how hilarious and/or handsome my kid is instead.






One thought on “Yes, they grow fast. No, it’s not sad.

  1. Enjoy every moment because it is sad that they go by so quickly!! PK is such a character and you don’t want to miss any of the funny things he does so taking those photos are just precious. This April break has been a joy for all of us.

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