A Self Portrait

Today I took a self portrait.  [It’s really for Week Ten of my photo challenge – which was really last week. Shh. Don’t tell anyone except the entire internet that I fell behind.]

The theme was Out Of My Comfort Zone.  A self-portrait, on a Monday, after 7:00 PM constitutes as way outside my comfort zone.  Maybe second to the hour after you’ve given birth and everyone wants a photo of you holding your child even though you look like Death.  Well, Death who has been crying and is exhausted, and has to learn how to use the bathroom again, which I’m guessing is way worse than Death actually feels when he does his business.

Aaaaany way, I was trying to do this alone – duh, I try to do everything alone, haven’t you noticed?! – but I lost my camera remote.  So I grabbed my husband after we put our son down to sleep and had him snap a few pictures.  I should note that he was instructed that this was a headshot.  For the purpose of this blog, I should have had a full-body shot taken to fully encompass my XL Walmart sweats and snow boots.

I am pretty comfortable in front of a camera.  I generally think I look okay on most days, but as any woman knows, it’s terribly difficult to always feel good about yourself.  I wanted to take a photo and NOT retouch it.  This seems to be the theme of the year on the internet lately anyway.  Aerie – an intimates company owned by American Eagle – even promotes that it is “untouched”, although it took me a few clicks to find these real women amongst their main page of super skinny girls, but that’s another story.  I did warm up the lighting a tiny bit since I didn’t have time to change my camera settings, but I didn’t fix blemishes or dark circles under my eyes, or remember to take the red hair tie off of my wrist.  I didn’t smooth out the lines that I’m starting to develop around my mouth.  I haven’t even showered yet today!  I gave that up when I had a child.  Imagine how much that freaks out my teenage students when I tell them I haven’t washed my hair in three days and I shower at night, not in the morning.  It’s mind-blowing, I assure you.

So here I am!

Self Portrait - March 17, 2014


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