Sick Day(s)

Today I had a snow day.

Yesterday I had a baby sick day. The day before that, I had a baby sick day. I’m starting to think I may never go back to work again.

Remember that Shell Silverstein poem?

I cannot go to school today, said little Peggy Ann McKay
I have the measles and the mumps, a gash, a rash and purple bumps

Teachers love snow days. Kids love sick days. Teachers who are mommies secretly enjoy baby sick days. Why? Not because I like that my kid ended up with croup. Okay, I am glad for that because it’s not bronchitis or the flu. What I loved was the extra cup of coffee, the extra nap and the baby who wanted some extra cuddles. The cuddles proved to me that my son does in fact love me even though he is in daycare all week. The coughing in my face proved to me that my being at work like a big girl is good for me, lest I be covered in snot and banana Mum Mums all day long.

Tomorrow I go back to work (on a Thursday!) and even though I have some tough classes this year, these last three days reinforced my need to work. I noticed today that I spent a lot more minutes checking my phone and Facebook, even while Parker played. This is something I almost never do. I devote nearly all of my attention to my little man when we’re together.

So I am led too wonder whether the quantity really is more valuable than the quality of the time I spend with my son. Time will tell I guess.

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