Not A Resolution

This is not a New Year’s resolution. I promise. I swear to God, it’s not. This is actually me joining the 21st century and using an iPad instead of my desktop. Yeah, remember desktops? They sit on a desk, not your lap. But in my defense, I am trying to get my new photography business started, so I really do use a computer like that for practical purposes.

But when Mommy just wants to sit in bed and hate-watch back episodes of TRHOBH and check Facebook again and pout when the 10-day forecast shows nothing but sun, the monster computer just won’t do. But Santa realized that having a baby made me more of a crazy person than ever, and so he dropped an iPad down the chimney to memorize me.

But this is the Mommy Crash Course.

Oh are we crashing in this house! Parker is standing. Like, past crawling and now on the verge of walking, which I assume quickly gives way to running. Um, he’s eight months old. And I could go downstairs (because I’m in my bed! Woot! Woot!) and get my crazy scratch list of the foods we have determined to not be life threatening, but suffice it to say, the kid eats everything and does not complain, or get hives. We use sippy cups bottle handles, and today, after standing in the Target baby aisle for 15 minutes, I bought a container of baby juice. I put it back twice, and I may not even open it soon, but it’s in our house now!

I can no longer remember what life was like before. I think I was probably bored, right? Because today I enjoyed my first moments of true free time at 7:30 PM. Of course, in that time I also had to pack up the daycare bag, pack my lunch and wash the dishes, because of course our dishwasher is broken. I also successfully moved a basket of laundry from the bottom of the stairs to the end of my bed. Maybe tomorrow it will fold itself.

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