The Facebook Dilemma

Okay, let’s be honest.

If you have these photos, you’re not going to not put them on Facebook.  Right?

This is a quetion I ask myself a few times a week. Technology, and more specifically social media, allows me to broadcast the ever changing looks and personality of my son to the world in real time.  I can snap a shot with my phone, post it on Instagram – with a hip filter, of course – simltaneously post it to my Facebook profile and email all three sets of grandparents in a matter of minutes.  I also begged my husband to let me purchase a [really] fancy camera before the baby was born, and so I use it A LOT in order to prove myself.  A good number of those end up on Facebook too.

I mean, tell me you wouldn’t share this with the world.  He’s just begging to brighten someone’s day with that sweet face.  I’d “like” it if he wasn’t my own kid.

So, the problem lies in the fact that I often find myself annoyed with the things that other “friends” are posting.  I’ll admit that have a large list of people who are blocked from my news feed simply because they check in at places like, “the couch – watching #TRHWONYC” or complain about trivial happenings just provoke sympathetic responses.   Facebook and other social media has allowed our society to air its dirty laundry, even if they are oftentimes words we’d never actually say out loud to our coworkers, friends or family.  Somehow many people feel that this is a place to be anonymous, although it is more public than anything else in our lives.  People are pretty damn gusty online.  Although I guess the same people who list all of their ailments each week would talk you ear off about it at work too.

To be clear though, I think I’ve posted seven actual words  about my son.  They were actually written the day before he was born too, when we checked into the hospital.  I wrote, “We just might have a baby today.”  I jinxed it, and we didn’t have a baby that day.   Since then, I’ve become a photojournalist of sorts.  I bought an external hard drive because I’ve probably taken thousands of photos of this baby.  No, I have not posted thousands of pics, but over fifty? You bet.

My husband says that I should stop posting when people stop liking.  I guess that’s a good rule.  I know I always creep around at the photos that other people post, but I skim over their posts about hating work, Monday and the combination of the two, the fact that it is apparently only 90+ degrees at their homes, or that they successfully baked a chicken breast for dinner.  Perhaps I’m a real jerk for acting this way.  But who cares?

Not this guy. This guy laughs at your observation that it is raining.

6 thoughts on “The Facebook Dilemma

  1. I feel the same concerns. I know my family wants to see pictures of my kids and facebook makes it easy. But there are so many annoying pointless things my newsfeed gets clogged with (do not care about people’s couponing) but maybe other people get just as annoyed about pics of my kids.
    I love looking at people’s kids though, and those pictures of yours are totally adorable.

    1. Thank you! And I totally agree. I think people naturally want to look at pictures of children. Well, women anyway. My husband has yet to find a baby other than his own that he thinks is cute. Maybe it’s because this one is a carbon copy of him.

  2. I look forward to your pictures. Don’t stop.

    But I will continue to post about food. I think I posted one picture of Rob and me together on our honeymoon, and 30 food pictures. Food and babies should be broadcasted. Keep on and carry on. 🙂

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