Date Night, Vampires and Other Things That Make Feel Normal

While my husband and I sat on the couch watching this ridiculously awesome video of panda bear cubs using a slide, it occurred to me that we are lucky to enjoy many of our Pre-Parker activities still. We didn’t give up who we were as a couple, we just had to make a few adjustments.  Luckily someone invented the DVR and OnDemand programming though, or maybe we wouldn’t.  For example, there’s no way I’d be staying up until ten o’clock to watch True Blood, but with the glorious Cable Gods watching over me, I am able to carry on my obsession with Pam after dinner on Mondays instead.

Tomorrow is our four-year wedding anniversary and we went out this past weekend to celebrate.  We’ve never really gone all out on our anniversary, just going out to dinner and a nice card can really make for a special day.  We did see a movie…at 3:00 in the afternoon, and then followed it with dinner, and we were home by 7:30 to relieve my gracious mother and step-father of their babysitting duties.  Of course they would have done it for hours upon hours, but we knew we’d fall asleep at an evening movie.  It was really great to have a date night.  Sure, we looked at 2478039 photos of Parker on my phone, but it was really good for us to get out and talk without being half asleep.  I even got sassy and ordered a mojito.  Mmmm hmmm.

I guess what I’m getting at is that it’s nice to know that having children doesn’t mean that you all of a sudden can’t be the couple you were before.  My husband is still funny.  He is still thoughtful and loving.  He still doesn’t know how to close any of the drawers on his side of the bedroom.  I’m hoping he thinks I’m pretty much the same person too.  Life, in many respects, hasn’t changed a whole lot.  It seems to me that our life just expanded.  We had to make room for more stuff – physically and emotionally – when our son came along.  I know this will change to some degree as Parker gets older, because he’ll learn to walk and talk and pee standing up, so certainly more parts of our life will change as the years progress.

I think it’s just nice to know that when all of those people told us to brace ourselves for Hurricane Baby because our lives would change so dramatically, the change was a welcome one.

Did you watch that panda video yet?  Do it!

One thought on “Date Night, Vampires and Other Things That Make Feel Normal

  1. Aw, I love this post. I am so impressed that you are still keeping up with this blog. I don’t have that kind of dedication.

    Rob and I just watched this sloth video last night…it is similar to your panda video. The caretaker is just as amusing as the sloth.

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