Best Products: 0-2 Months

A friend recently asked me to share my Top Five baby products. That list will evolve as my baby grows, but from birth to two months, I couldn’t live without:

  1. Coffee. Lots and lots of coffee. On second thought, Shoshanna from HBO’s Girls got a LOT of energy when she accidentally smoked crack at a hipster party in New York City. She ran like twelve miles in a sequence miniskirt and resolved to finally stand in the front her kick boxing class. Stamina and confidence! This stuff’s got to be good, right? (Note: If you took that seriously, you’re more ridiculous than I am, and I just wrote about smoking crack on a baby blog.)
  2. Hand sanitizing lotions, wipes, sprays, etc. Maybe even one of those emergency showers you see in the back of chemistry labs. I think you can guess why.
  3. A vehicle. This will be useful when you either (A) want your baby to stop screaming or (B) need a quick get away after handing the screaming baby off to your husband/partner/boyfriend/wife/mother-in-law/au pair.
  4. Sneakers, because you’ll be moving non-stop from the moment you wake up at 5 AM until your head hits the pillow. Gotta support those arches.
  5. Dry shampoo because there might be days in between showers. (But for real, I use this stuff and it’s amazing.)


Alright, I guess there are some actual products that I seriously love and wouldn’t be able to live without. I am trying to stick to my guns to not use a lot of gadgets or apparatuses to distract Parker. I’m a firm believer in calming him down first, and then putting him in this chair, which is the only thing we own that has lights and makes noise. I successfully got through the tough part without a swing, and have no desire to get one, although lots of moms swear by them. I should add that we go for a walk every morning, which also calms him down, and for that we alternate between the stroller and the baby wrap.

  1. The Moby Wrap saved my life in the first few weeks, and now I still use it. It will actually work until Parker weighs 35 pounds, and by that point, I can sling him to my side, the way I would naturally hold a toddler on my hip. I went with the Sienna Orange color, but they have about a hundred different selections – no joke.
  2. I’ve used both Munchkin and Tommee Tippee brand antibacterial pacifier wipes. I think these are self explanatory.
  3. One-piece rompers and zip-up hoodies are great. I love the shorts when we take Parker out somewhere, so his diaper isn’t just hanging out for the world to see. The hoodie is nice because it’s one less article of clothing that goes over his head. Carter’s always has a nice selection, and 77Kids, which is owned by American Eagle, seems to always have everything on sale. I’m not a fan of “Mommy’s Little Slugger” and other pieces like that, although there are a few in the closet because it’s impossible to stay away from them without spending a fortune. Any of you who have boys can attest to the fact that the clothing selection is about a quarter of the size of the girls’ section, so that makes shopping a little less fun.
  4. In the beginning, swaddling was key. The ones from the hospital are free, so they’re great, but if your child is born in the late spring or summer, they can be too warm. My cousin gave us these amazing muslin blankets from aden + anais. They’re light weight, and you can choose from tons of patterns. They’re even sold at Target and Babies R Us.
  5. My diaper bag could hold enough for a week’s vacation, but the one travel accessory I use most is this Fisher Price changing pad. It’s great because I don’t need to carry the whole bag if I’m just running into a store quickly. I can fit diapers, wipes and a change of clothes inside. Also, the actual pad area is huge!

So there you have it. My Top Five. There are some more that didn’t make the cut for various reasons. I think everyone gets a Boppy, but these are especially useful for breast feeding. I originally put our bathtub on there, until I realized they all have that nifty mesh overlay. There are so many baby products out there, it’s hard to say, “this one’s the best.” For example, I love our Tommee Tippee bottles and pacifiers, but of course I haven’t tried any other ones.

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