Sleep, where the heck art thou?

Sleep has been somewhat elusive for everyone in our house for the better part of two months.  Okay, our dog Crash sleeps well still.  His life hasn’t changed much. Or at all.  We are certainly in a much better place now than we were in Week 1, but still, it can be difficult to get up for good in the morning after waking up twice during the night.

We’ve tried a number of different steps to ensure that Parker would sleep for hours long and not minutes throughout the night.  We’ve swaddled, we rocked, we’ve used the mobile.  I moved up the time that we were putting him to bed, since he seems to go into a deeper sleep around seven o’clock each night.  We have an air conditioner running, so that takes care of the white noise that babies are so fond of.  I was directed to read a book called The Happiest Baby On the Block, and that definitely helped some.  My cousin also recommended that we try the Nap Nanny.  It is designed to keep babies in an inclined position.  This would help Parker with his acid reflux.

The problem we saw each evening on our fancy pants video monitor is that he would literally flail himself awake throughout the night. After talking with his pediatrician, I think that acid reflux was partly to blame.  When babies are uncomfortable, they can’t just take some Tums, readjust the pillow and go back to sleep.  Hence the arm flapping and bicycle legs.  The Nap Nanny has really helped.  He sleeps in four to five-hour chunks now, which is fantastic.

Here’s the one problem:

If you look closely, you will see that my baby boy sleeps ON THE FLOOR, next to the brand new crib that we purchased before we even knew that he was a he.  The flourescent orange label clearly states that under no circumstances should this thing be used anywhere except the floor.  I’m no rule breaker. I listened to the infant products gods.

Last night I made a bold move and had him sleep in the crib.  It was a disaster.  I got up a dozen times to get him back to sleep.  The way I see it, if he can go three hours without eating during the day, then he can do it at night.  I have faith in this little man.  Looks like it’s back to the Nap Nanny for this guy.

2 thoughts on “Sleep, where the heck art thou?

  1. As the owner of Nap Nanny and passionate safety advocate, I would just like to say THANK YOU for preaching the proper uses of the Nap Nanny. We are thrilled to hear Parker is finding some comfort at night and that you are getting some much needed sleep. The product came to be, as much for parents as it was for babies. Motherhood, as you now know, is an amazing, life changing journey. Best of luck to you and congratulations.

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