Blogging for Reals

I’ve shared this blog with exactly one person.  She encouraged me to actually share this with friends and family as I had originally intended.  I’m proud of myself for writing six (now seven) posts, but until now, I have been too embarrassed to actually share it.  For one thing, I felt like blogging was so self-centered by nature, that others might not enjoy reading it.  The other problem was that I was terrified of having those close to me actually read my writing.

In college, I gladly shared my writing with peers and professors, because they didn’t really know anything about me.  There is a certain anonymity that a person can maintain within a classroom, even when sharing personal and, oftentimes, emotional pieces.

When deciding whether or not to actually share this, I had mixed feelings. My family and friends already know a great deal about me.  I could also write something that might offend one of them.  My colleagues are educators, and might be critical of my writing.  Those who are already parents might not agree with my feelings or actions.

In the end, my friend – remember, the one who has actually read this? – encouraged me to share because I could share it with Parker in the future.  I also came to realize that writing has always had a cathartic quality for me.  I have always felt that exercise is important to maintaining my emotional and mental balance, but writing has that same effect for me.  As the mother of an eight-week-old baby, I need all of the emotional purging I can get.

With all that said, please enjoy my blog.  In no way do I expect anyone to read this faithfully.  There are a handful who will read this every single day for the rest of their lives, or until they cease to have the dexterity to use the mouse – I can already predict who you are, and I’m sorry but there is no rewards club punch card for reading every day.  You’ll just get the satisfaction that I’ve made your day a little bit better.

See that?  There’s the egocentric blogger coming through already.

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