Leg Warmers are For Girls

Six weeks into mommyhood, and I’m doing okay.  I am fortunate enough to have a husband who will wake up to change a diaper at one in the morning, even though he has to wake up for work.   I am learning that no matter how many times other moms – who also all seem to have had their children decades ago – tell me to sleep while the baby sleeps, that just never happens.  When he is sleeping, there are a hundred other things I’d like to be doing.  I feel a little more human when I get a good toilet scrubbing in and then watch some trashy reality television.

Parker and I have just begun to take adventures outside of the one mile radius of our house.  I have even had encounters with other human beings aside from the people at the Dunkin Donuts Drive Thru.  I have learned that if I want people to continue to hold doors for me like they did when I was visibly pregnant, I need to have a stroller in tow at all times.  I did go to the mall a few days ago by myself, and nobody even noticed I was there!  It was such a welcome change. When you’re pregnant, you can’t anonymously rummage through the racks at Forever 21.  Plus, you’re almost 30 years old.  And seven months pregnant.  But this does make me wonder.  Before having a baby, people always told me how young I looked, and I was more often than not mistaken for a teenager.  Do they think I’m filming an episode of Teen Mom now? God, I hope not.  I guess I’m going to have to start tucking my blouses in like a big girl now.

As Parker gets bigger, I’ve experimented with tying my Moby Wrap in different ways, one of which is the Kangaroo Hold.  This requires his legs to hang out on each side.  It’s much more comfortable for him, but we don’t have any full-length pants for him to wear except the footie pajamas for bed.  Enter my newest discovery:  BABY LEG WARMERS.  Oh yes, I have my male child sporting leg warmers on occasion. 

I know, I know.  How can you do that to your son?  Leg warmers are for girls.  

First of all, he’s six weeks old, and doesn’t even know he has legs, so he certainly doesn’t know what I’m putting on those legs.  Also, football players wear the tightest pants of any athletes out there.  Plus, they’re keeping his beautiful baby skin unharmed.

Oh yeah.  They’re also awesome.

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