Wrapped Up

I never thought I was trendy enough to pull off a baby carrier wrap.  I always envision naturally blonde, bohemian-chic women traipsing through New York City while wearing their organic-cotton-swathed infants in slings.  They somehow have enough money to drink Starbucks every day, as well as pay rent that is quadruple our mortgage for a quarter of the space.  Well the day has come.  I am either way cooler than I thought, or I’ll try anything once.

I’ve purchased a Moby Wrap, because Parker is having a rough time sleeping during the day.  He seems to only want to rest [i.e. not cry] when I am holding him against my chest and moving around the house.  Now, I consider myself to be a strong woman – as in, physically strong.  I lifted weights much heavier than this guy on a regular basis before getting pregnant.  Let me be the first to admit, carrying a nine pound baby around the house all day is exhausting and ridiculous.

You’ll notice that in Exhibit A, this baby is neither crying nor eating. We have achieved happiness.  Let’s see how long this last for, and how many hours a day I have to wear this thing.   My next post could very well say that I have lost my mind by becoming a walking baby sleeping bag.

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