And the Baby Makes Three

Our lives officially changed on April 29th.  Parker was born at 6:24 PM, weighing 8 pounds and 6 ounces.


We’ve been home for six days now, and things seem to falling into place finally.  We had a rocky start, but now Parker sleeps for more than 30 minutes at time, and seems to be content when he is awake.  When other parents told us that we’d never be able to imagine what the sleep deprivation would be like –  sleeping in two or three-hour chunks – they clearly hadn’t stayed up for hours and hours at a time trying to nurse a voracious baby.  Two days ago, my husband and I would have given our life savings for two hours of sleep.

So now our little man seems to be showing us his true colors.  We find ourselves staring at him for long periods of time and laughing at all of the faces he makes.  He’s already showing that he’ll be a little ball of energy.  He refuses to have his arms pinned down when swaddled, and he tries to pick his head up a lot, which is scary when we’re picking him up and moving him.

It’s amazing to think that we prepared for this for nine months, and in a matter of seconds, I was holding him.  We’re excited to see what is in store for us!

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